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Our Board Members


Chief Lee PlentyWolf

Spiritual Advisor

Chief Lee PlentyWolf is our Council's spiritual advisor and a Lakota Sundance Chief from Oglala Lakota Nation. He is also the co-author of the book Plenty Wolf Medicine: The 7 Lakota Life Values. Chief PlentyWolf has been conducting ceremony, sharing prayer and wisdom, and healing others with his medicine for 34 years. He comes from Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and now resides in Boulder where he has raised his children and grandchildren. He has travelled the world to share his teachings.


Chief John L. PlentyWolf



Cordell Killscrow


Dominique Fuster


Felix Evans

Vice President

Felix is a San Francisco-based environmentalist who cares deeply about environmental and social justice and furthering efforts to restore land, water, and sovereignty rights to Indigenous peoples. She joined a community of frontline Water Protectors in the fight to stop Line 3, a tar sands oil pipeline desecrating sacred lands and watersheds in so-called Minnesota. She comes from St. Louis where she worked at an urban farm whose mission centered on Black and Brown farmers and food sovereignty. She also cares deeply about housing rights and organizing to keep neighbors safe - nobody is illegal on stolen land.



David Anderson


Board Member

Maribel Herrera


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